IntCh&JkcCh.Glasafon Connor

Top Puppy '93 in England
Sire Of Merit at papillon club of America
1996 FCI Asian Int'l...BOB
1997 FCI Asian Int'l...AOM
No,1 Papillon '97
N0,2 Papillon '95
BISS Winner

Super Stud Dog!!
IntCh.Glasafon Connor 95 FCI Asian Int'l BOB

2-Generation Pedigree

Connor SIRE :EnglandTopSire'93.Glasafon Gordons Lad

DAM :Sophia Little Lass at Glasafon

EnglandTopSire'91&EngCH.Blackpark Gordon's

Glasafon Carys

Robertros Arfon

Glasafon Gold Charm


"Connor's 30 over CH Puppies "

7 BIS & #1'01.IntCh & JapCh &Asian-W02 Queen Bless Jp Practical Magic
2000/2001.PCA Nat'l BISS & AmCh& JkcCH Queen Bless Jp Success Story
2000.PCA Nat'l BOW & AOM & AmCh & JkcCH Queen Bless Papillon Rouge
AmCh Queen Bless Jp Top Inspiration
JkcCh Queen Bless Jp Red Inspiration
No,1 Puppy'97 JkcCH Queen Bless Magi Of Art Etoile
No,2 Papillon '98 JkcCH & 2CACIB Queen Bless Connor Magic
No,2 Puppy '96
JkcCh Pure Cherry Of Art Etoile
No,2 Female '98 &JkcCh.Queen Bless Jp Lovely Gift
AmCh & JkcCh.Queen Bless Jp Eiswine
JkcCh.Queen Bless Jp Don Darias
JkcCh.Queen Bless Jp Fine Silky
JkcCh.Queen Bless Jp Concrd
BISS.JkcCh Piasu Of Princess Fantsy
JkcCh.Queen Bless Jp Elegist
JkcCh.Queen Bless Jp Kber My Lady
JkcCh.Queen Bless Jp Kber Tuch
IntCh & JkcCh.Queen Bless Jp Kber Girl
JkcCh.Queen Bless Pup Of Art Etoile
JkcCh.Queen Bless Jp Angel Beam
JkcCh.Queen Bless Go Red Of Art Etoile
FinCh.Queen Bless Jp Connor Connection
JkcCh & FinCh.Queen Bless Jp World Connection
#1 in USA '03 AmCh.Queen Bless Jp Royal Silk

Group Winner Australia Ch.FinCh.AmCh.Queen Bless Jp The Super Star
JkcCh.Queen Bless Jp Connor Prise
JkcCH.Queen Bless Jp It Is True Love
JkcCh.Queen Bless Jp It Is Show Time
EngCh '98.Crufts DCC.Diquest Fairy Glen
JkcCh.Glasafon Fine Dandy
JkcCh.Queen Bless Jp Victoria
JkcCh.Queen Bless Jp The Parfection

Ch.Queen Bless Elegist

call name : Get
Owner : Mrs,Kawashima

Photo taken 2 years old

2-Generation Pedigree

Get SIRE : IntCh&BISS.Ch&TopPuppy'93inEngland.Glasafon Connor

DAM : Queen Bless Gordon's Girl

EnglandTopSire'93.Glasafon Gordons Lad

Sophia Little Lass at Glasafon

EnglandTopSire'93.Glasafon Gordons Lad

Glasafon Super Girl

Ch.Queen Bless Kber My Lady

call name : Pochi

Photo taken 5 years old

2-Generation Pedigree

Pochi SIRE : IntCh&BISS.Ch&TopPuppy'93inEngland.Glasafon Connor

DAM : AmCh.Cadaga's Zeba

EnglandTopSire'93.Glasafon Gordons Lad

Sophia Little Lass at Glasafon

AmCh.Kvar My Boy Josandre

AmCh.Cadage's Nina

Pochi's litter sister
JkcCh.Queen Bless Jp Kber Tuch
IntCh & JkcCh.Queen Bless Jp Kber Girl

"Pochi's CH Puppies "
No,3 Puppy & JkcCH Queen Bless Jp Premierement
AmCh & FinCh.Queen Bless Jp Pressentiment
AmCh & Ch.Queen Bless Jp Cocktail Party
JkcCh Queen Bless Jp

Queen Bless Win Of Art Etoile

call name : Fuko

Photo taken 10 months

2-Generation Pedigree

Fuko SIRE : IntCh&BISS.Ch&TopPuppy'93inEngland.Glasafon Connor

DAM :EnglandImp.Nouveau Miss Scarlet

EnglandTopSire'93.Glasafon Gordons Lad

Sophia Little Lass at Glasafon

17CC'sEngCh.Caswell Principality

Nouveau Lady In Red

Fuko's Puppies !!
3 Famele . Tri color
Born : 2000.4/26
Puppies are 17CC's.EngCh.Caswell Principality's line breeding !!

Beautiful marking !!

BIS-puppy & JkcCh.Queen Bless JP Wonderful Win Ow:Miss,Y Nishimura.

2000.10.15 JKC All Breed Ch Show...Baby.BOB & R.Queen
2000.11.04 JKC All Breed Ch Show...Puppy.BOB & Queen & BIS !!
2000.11.05 JKC All Breed Ch Show...Puppy.BOB & R.Queen


Ch.Queen Bless JP Wonderful Toy Box

Owner:Mr & Mrs Kobayashi
Call name:Paty,Female


Wino & Paty. 2-Generation Pedigree

Wino & Paty SIRE : EngImp & Ch.Nouveau Lord Of Misrule

DAM :Fuko

Shirando Toysoldier

Tippitoes Luck Be A Lady

IntCh & BISS.Ch & TopPuppy'93 in England & '97 No,1.Glasafon Connor

EnglandImp.Nouveau Miss Scarlet

Ch.Queen Bless Jp It Is True Love / Ch.It Is Show Time

Male white & red /Rider. Owner:Mrs,Y Yamada
Female tri/Akane. Owner : Queen Bless
Rider Akane
Photo taken 5 months

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2-Generation Pedigree

Rider & Akane SIRE : IntCh&BISS.Ch&TopPuppy'93inEngland.Glasafon Connor

DAM :Baby BIS.Queen Bless Executive Star

EnglandTopSire'93.Glasafon Gordons Lad

Sophia Little Lass at Glasafon

EngCh.Nouveau Lord of The Dance

BIS.IntCh&SweCh&NordCh&BIS.Ch.Silenzio's Lady Luck


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