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2007 Westminster Dog Show "BOB"Results
KID got BOB at Nat'l Ch ship show !

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CountryKennel Name
Misty Meadow's Chihuahuas
Di San Gimignano Chihuahuas & Poodles
Dell'Alberico Lhasa Apsos & Maltese & Poodles
Nouveau Papillons
Kingshaven Papillons
Blackpark Papillons
Sunshoo Papillons 
Gleniren Papillons
Cordonrouge Papillons
Lorah's Papillons
Dourhu's Papillons
Tina's doggypage
Sjofjarilens Papillons
Silenzio's Papillons
Phosphoros Papillons
Golden Leaf's Papillons
Caratoots Papillons
Haremet's Papillons
Candygolds's Papillons
La Ren Papillons
Namaste Papillons
Ekbacken's Papillons
Hallmark's Papillons
Forevr Papillons
PixieDust Papillons&Phalenes
Marichin Papillon
Sabamores Papillons
Mango's Papillons
Bliccoi's Papillon & Phalene
Toymaker's Papillons
CanadaSilverwings Papillons
SlovMARIA SIRRAH's Papillons
Czech RepyblicCenicka's Papillons
hollandKristy's Pride Chihuahua
LatoviaMagic Sunrise Papillons
IndonesiaSylphid Papillons

Just click on the Kennel Name !

--Club in the world--
Sweden KC
Papillon club Of UK
Papillon club Of Sweden
Papillon Club Of America
Papillon Club Association Of Puget Sound in USA
Three Rivers Papillon Club in USA

--Dog show in the world--
World dog show in Sweden 2008
Eukanuba National Chanpiomship show in USA
Euro Show 2007


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