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ワールドショー World Show 2019

最高級パピヨン子犬 ショードッグ Leon

最高級パピヨン子犬 ショードッグ JED

2018年日本一パピヨン 男の子PIKA


パピヨン Dyna

born:4.4.98 female
call name : Dyna

Ch finished only 10 months !
'99 FCI Asian Int'l Dog Show ..Jr Female Class/2nd
Pedigree..Please see the top !

Dyna's puppies !
AmCh.Queen Bless JP Royal Silk
-White & Black Male-
bron : Jul.2000
call name : Dai-Oh
Sired IntCh.Glasafon Connor
excellent tailBig ears
Photo taken 100 days.
He is an elegant and gorgeous Papillon ! I love him !!
New Owner : Mrs. Janis L. McLaren ( USA )

2000.Dec.9.JKC.Wakayama Show Dog Club Ch Show...Baby.R.King

2000.Dec.10.JKC.Wakayama Cyuuo Aiken Club Ch Show...Baby.R.King
2000.Des.16.JKC.Kyoto Ch Show...Baby.BIS !!

Dai-Oh's page Click here !!
--Dyna's First Litter !!--

Queen Bless Chateau Noel -W & R.Female-
Photo taken 4.5 months.
Queen Bless Francs Rouge -W & R.Female-
Photo taken 4.5 months.
Owner : Queen Bless
Francs Rouge's Son went to USA , His Info Click here !!

6 months
Ch.Queen Bless Cuvee Josephine -W & R.Female-
Owner : Mr,K.Takemori in Tokyo .Japan
Queen Bless Chateau NoelF -White & Red Female-
6 months6 months
Photo taken 9 months.

Puppies 3-Generation Pedigree
'93 Top Puppy In England & Int & Jkc.BISSCh & No,1'97.Glasafon Connor Top Sire '93 in England. Glasafon Gordon's Lad EngCh. Blackpark Gordon's
Glasafon carys
Sophia Little Lass at Glasafon Robertros Arfon
Glasafon Gold Cherm
Ch.Queen Bless Dyna Of Art Etoile EngImp&JkcCh.Nouveau Lord of Misrule Shirando Toysoldier
Tippitoes Luck Be A Lady
Eng & Crufts BCC & Int&Jkc.BISCh&No,1'96&95.Gonmyn Inspiration 17CC's EngCh.Caswell Principarty
Ablazzor Miss Pebbles at Gonmyn


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