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パピヨン子犬 CHANEL

World Dog Show 2018

パピヨン子犬 ビクター2世


ポメラニアン NewCh

パピヨン Syogun

Queen Bless Air Of Art Etoile Jp CN:"Syo-Gun"将軍

パピヨン 子犬
Super elegant face!
パピヨン 子犬
Big correct ears & correct eyes
パピヨン 子犬
NICE body balance & correct silky coat !
photo taken 15months

-- Syo-Gun Pedigree --

[Sire]:JkcCh Queen Bless Jp Dom Perignon    [Gsire]:BIS BISS No,1-USA AmCh JkcCh Queen Bless Jp Success Story -SOM- [GGsire]:BIS IntCh JkcCh Glasafon Connor -SOM-
[GGdam]:Queen Bless You of Art Etoile Jp
[Gdam]:BIS BISS IntCh JkcCh No,1-Japan Queen Bless Jp Practical Magic [GGsire]:BIS IntCh JkcCh Glasafon Connor -SOM-
[GGdam]:BIS BISS IntCh SweCh NordCh UCh Silenzio's Lady Luck
[Dam]:Queen Bless Jp On The Way (Super blood bitch) [Gsire]: AmCh Queen Bless Jp Wildway Royal(sire of PCA Nat'lWD) [GGsire]:[Gsire]:EngImp&JkcCh Nouveau Lord of Misrule
[GGda]:JkcCh Queen Bless Jp Lovery Gift (littersister of No,1-USA Gaia)
[Gdam]:Queen Bless Jp True Love [GGsire]:Queen Bless Jp Top Entertainment
[GGdam]:JkcCh Queen Bless Dyna of Art Etoile Jp ( dam of No,1-USA Danny)


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